Need diabetes?

tThough large textbooks on diabetes crowd the shelves of medical libraries, what we really know about the disease could be condensed into a rather small monograph. Discussions of misconceptions in the public's view of diabetes would fill a fair-sized book.

Ironically, some of those misconceptions are implicit in orthodox medical and dietetic management of the disorder.

This is the starting point for this website – what follows is controversial, an alternative view, and is for discussion only. We offer no paladins or treatment plans, nor do we endorse any. We do offer a standpoint, an opinion, which is to inform only, throw up some questions, chuck into the mix move our understanding on, and to improve the lot of the diabetes sufferer.

It should be added that we are not connected with the organisation Diabetes Now, which is, alas, no more, which gave us a lot of information, ideas and resources leads. They will be much missed, and we wish them all the best.


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